114 XL Unique – 2 bedrooms, 1 utility room and XL kitchen

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Zunshine Living 114 - In short:

  • Unsinkable platform made of Extra aggressive concrete
  • 174m2 platform and "80 tons of stability" - like being on land
  • Elegant and timeless design
    2 or 3 bedrooms
    Environmentally friendly construction
  • Optimized layout with no space wasted
    Special isolation, special facades and big glass fronts
    *Plus 11 m2 more interior space compared with traditional building methods
  • Maintenance free and fireproofed facades
    Lifetime expectations of more than 50 years
  • Walls and floors are fireproofed
  • Allergy friendly
  • Optimized acoustics. Special ceilings and soundproofed interior doors.
  • Built according to Danish BR18 construction
    Energy label A 2018
  • All materials are of high quality
  • Doors and windows with aluminum profiles and triple glazed windows
    Double panorama patio doors - opening width of 202 cm
  • Underfloor heating in all rooms
    The temperature of each room can be controlled separately
  • 70m2 terraces
    prepared for balcony and roof terrace
    prepared for awning installation
  • Water and sewer works as a house on land
    Sewage prepared for connection to the public sewer.
  • Modern series production and module construction ensures a high quality to competitive prices

Design and function - Peter Poulsen, Zunshine Living A/S
Construction by Constructa A/S

Indicative data – Zunshine Living 114

Permanent Residence
114 XL Unique
Built area
103 m2
Area value
114 m2*
Separate bedrooms
2 + utility room
Heat pump
Underfloor heating
Energy Label
A 2018
11.34 x 15.34 m
Front terrace
38 m2
Rear terrace
32 m2
Roof terrace
up to 28 m2
Weight platform
50 ton
73 ton
6 ton
Total weight
79 ton
Platform height
90 cm
65 cm
Platform freeboard
25 cm
Floor freeboard
58 cm
Total height floating
380 cm

Platform approved by “Søfartsstyrelsen”.
Building according to Danish BR18.